Benefits of hydrogen chloride recycling


  How to make good use of by-product hydrogen chlo […]


How to make good use of by-product hydrogen chloride is not only an important measure to respond to the national circular economy, but also an important means for many chemical companies to reduce costs.

The recovery and utilization of hydrogen chloride is an important research topic. With the improvement of process technology and the improvement of utilization technology, the cost advantage of comprehensive utilization of hydrogen chloride will gradually emerge.

The comprehensive utilization of hydrogen chloride should pay attention to the following points:

(1) To produce chlorine through hydrogen chloride, realize the recycling of chlorine resources, effectively solve the problem of by-product hydrogen chloride, and promote the healthy development of emerging industries and the optimization and upgrading of the chlor-alkali industry;

(2) Develop a circular economy, pay attention to supporting industries, and try to achieve chlorine balance;

(3) Combine the requirements of environmental protection, study the value of the comprehensive utilization of by-product hydrogen chloride in different market areas, and determine the appropriate technical route suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise.

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