Causes and treatment of leakage of hydrogen chloride synthesizer outlet pipe


  The hydrogen chloride gas synthesizer outlet pip […]


The hydrogen chloride gas synthesizer outlet pipe leaks because the pipe is operated at a high temperature for a long period of time, the metal is fatigued or thinned, and the pressure resistance is lowered. Treatment method: Thickly measure and analyze the pipeline, and replace the pipeline in time.

Production is normal operation, the bag filter of the trichlorosilane synthesis station is slag discharge operation, and the tail gas rinsing tower suddenly explodes without any fire source; the main reason is that the hydrogen chloride gas contains high free chlorine or free chlorine. The explosion is triggered; the principle is: the hydrogen content after synthesis of trichlorosilane is about 55% to 57%, and the discharged gas is lost in airtightness and mixed with air. In the case of free chlorine, it will explode when exposed to light. Treatment method: Free chlorine in production process is extremely harmful to production and safety. Therefore, operators of hydrogen chloride should strengthen sampling and analysis, strictly control the presence of free chlorine in hydrogen chloride; control the chlorine content in hydrogen chloride gas to be less than 96%, so that hydrogen chloride gas Excessive hydrogen.

In the production and operation of hydrogen chloride gas, strict compliance with the operating specifications is one aspect. Regular inspection of synthetic equipment and timely elimination of safety hazards are also negligible work steps.

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