"Lide, meritorious, and assertive" comprehensively promote the Group's work to a high level and develop upward


On April 9, Chairman Zhao Chunlei presided over the Gro […]

On April 9, Chairman Zhao Chunlei presided over the Group's March and First Quarter Business Review Meeting. At the meeting, the chairman of the board emphasized that the employees of the group company should abide by “Lide, meritorious deeds, and assertions”, and be proactive, consistent in words and deeds, and rely on profit and performance to complete the profit, brand and core competitiveness of the whole year. The group and the heads of relevant departments of various companies attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the relevant responsible comrades of the Group Purchasing Department reported on the implementation of the cost reduction of bidding and procurement in March and the first quarter, the analysis of the purchasing price of materials and the trend of supply changes, and the work arrangement on the promotion of procurement management. The companies reported the completion of various financial operation indicators in March and the first quarter, and conducted analysis of key factors and key work arrangements. And report on internal performance appraisal and related work.
      At the meeting, Zhao Dong gave full affirmation to the achievements of the companies in the first quarter. The practice in the first quarter gave us great confidence and encouragement. It is the result of hard work and hard work! Jinda Titanium industry assessment is practical, cost accounting is more accurate, and tightly combined with production, improve the efficiency of capital use, grasp the favorable timing of sales of magnesium chloride and titanium sponge. Jinda Molybdenum Co., Ltd. is now undergoing a comprehensive transformation. Now it is moving towards the first-class processing enterprises in China. Jintai Technology Co., Ltd. is closely under construction and has laid a good foundation for the development of molybdenum industry. The real estate company's sales and payment are timely, which provides a strong guarantee for the return of the group's funds. The cost assessment of the property company is more detailed. For the work in the second quarter, Zhao Dong made detailed arrangements, requiring the companies to firmly achieve the goal of confidence, grasp the market rhythm, improve sales capabilities, do a good job in brand promotion and long-term planning, reduce costs and improve product quality through industrial transformation. Use measures such as intelligence, automation, and changes in employment methods to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and manage them with strict assessment methods.
      Zhao Dong particularly emphasized that Jinda employees are committed to "deal, meritorious, and assertive" to work and develop, especially for senior executives to lead by example and lead everyone with virtue. I hope that the people around me, the people who work with me, and the people who can develop their jobs in the company must be ethical. In the company, we must resolutely put an end to the damage to the company's interests. Every company and department must do something to make things for the department, for the company, and by profit and achievement! Everyone has positive speeches and is consistent in words and deeds. All companies are keeping a close eye on the goals of the whole year, maintaining a positive attitude, fully completing the goals of profit, brand and improving core competitiveness, so as to achieve a high level of development and upward development!

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