Strengthening the construction of corporate culture, changing the appearance of science and technology


In order to implement the company's corporate culture c […]

In order to implement the company's corporate culture construction guidelines at the beginning of the year, we will effectively enhance the company's corporate culture image, beautify the workshop environment, and implement the workshop's civilized production work. The company's comprehensive department and the group company's corporate culture promotion office carefully designed and planned the technology company's Corporate culture construction and civilized production work have improved significantly.

1. The workshop lighting project has achieved remarkable results.
After a quarter of design and repeated discussions, the technology company's exterior wall slogan, workshop slogan banner, workshop fence display board, workshop bulletin board are all installed in place, the road surface hardening is completed, the workshop office environment is greatly improved, and the hardware and software equipment is in place. Whether it is the company's internal inspection management, or receiving external visits, everyone feels refreshed.

2. The company's LOGO and trademark design are completed and enter the audit stage.
The company's LOGO and trademarks have been fine-tuned on the basis of the Group's unified design. At present, the trademark has been applied for registration, and the company's LOGO has been applied in all aspects of the company.

3. The company's cultural activities have been carried out, and the enthusiasm of employees has increased significantly compared with last year.
When the company's comprehensive department drafted the corporate culture assessment plan at the beginning of the year, it actively revised the shortcomings in the 2018 assessment. From the assessment department to the assessment department, the number of activities, the nature of the activities, and the rewards and punishments will be clarified. The enthusiasm of various departments has been thoroughly improved, and employees have begun to contribute to the draft, and the emphasis on cultural construction has been significantly enhanced.

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