Sulfur dioxide workshop organizes internal team training


On the afternoon of April 17, Jintai Technology Company […]

On the afternoon of April 17, Jintai Technology Company conducted a safety production training meeting using the time of handover of sulfur dioxide. First of all, the security officer Zhang Hao read the post responsibility system, safety management system and inspection system of the sulfur dioxide workshop. Then, Mr. Han made some questions to the staff to understand the mastery of the employee's responsibility system and safe operation procedures. Mr. Han pointed out that although the 3.21 incident has passed more than half a month, we must learn lessons to avoid similar incidents. Chemical safety is no small matter, and the cause of the accident is mostly caused by human error. Therefore, all staff should improve their operational skills and establish a good sense of safety. It is important to bear in mind the general needs of Iraqi people in their work. The chemical industry must be cautious and responsible for the safety of others.
In the end, Mr. Han proposed to hold a safety accident emergency drill in the near future. At the end of the month, he will also conduct a safety test for all employees. For those who fail the test, they should be re-tested and reduced. Next, the wear of everyone's labor protection products, smoking in the work area, and sleeping conditions will be seriously dealt with. Employees are also required to supervise each other and to treat them equally, and will not tolerate violations of company regulations.

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