Jintai Science and Technology workshop lighting and civilized production work progressed in an orderly manner with remarkable results


In order to actively implement the chairman's work requ […]

In order to actively implement the chairman's work requirements for learning Langma Company and promoting workshop lighting, civilized production and safe production, Jintai Science and Technology Yi Zong and Han Zong repeatedly went to Langma Company to exchange and study, and according to the actual situation of the workshop. Implementation advancement. At present, after two months of implementation, the company has achieved good results, as follows:
1. The reinforced concrete ground lighting project in the workshop is nearing completion, and the ground environment and sanitation of the workshop have been greatly improved. The original sewage, dust, and debris were effectively solved, and it was refreshing to see the scene.

(reinforced concrete floor)

2. The safe production of the workshop and the propaganda work of civilized production have been implemented and strengthened. The rules and regulations concerning the company's safe production are from oral promotion to the system wall; from the water pipes, product lines are ambiguous to color identification, paint coating; from simple slogans to eye-catching banners, plaques, etc., one tends to be rigorous The standardized and orderly Jintai technology is gradually appearing in front of everyone.

(eye-catching propaganda logo)

3. Online monitoring ensures that continuous transmission does not exceed the standard. Through the efforts of various parties, production departments and equipment manufacturers, through the adjustment of equipment and processes, the environmental data has been continuously stable and up to standard, and far below the environmental requirements, a safe, environmentally friendly, high-tech Jintai Technology It is working for the stable production of the molybdenum industry, and the relocation of the titanium industry has been implemented.
4. Sulfuryl chloride product library and citric acid raw material warehouse are reconstructed and maintained. The reconstructed storage reservoir not only protects the wind and rain, but also ensures the safe storage of the product. It is beautiful and tidy, which is in sharp contrast with the transformation and has outstanding results.

(Renovation of the product warehouse after maintenance)

Although after a period of transformation, it has achieved great results compared with the end of 2017, but there is still a big gap between the requirements of the chairman and the company. Jintai Technology will continue to refine, rectify and promote the implementation. The company learns to benchmark against Langma Company and strives to make the company's safety, environmental protection and civilized production work to a new level, and create a working environment with comfortable work, fresh air and safe and secure work.


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