Hydrogen chloride equipment components should be regularly inspected


  Because some chemical products such as hydrogen […]


Because some chemical products such as hydrogen chloride have certain corrosiveness to the equipment, and the chemical is harmful to the human body, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride gas and chlorine gas are also very serious to the equipment. Therefore, routine maintenance of the hydrogen chloride gas production equipment is carried out. It is necessary to ensure the safe and smooth production. Let's look at it together.

   The equipment maintenance mainly includes: checking the synthesis furnace, checking the safety valve condition, checking whether the steel used for the equipment has serious corrosion or metal fatigue, ensuring that no accident occurs during the synthesis, checking the chlorine and hydrogen introduction pipes to eliminate the accumulated dirt. In order to ensure the normal supply of raw materials; check the corrosion of the hydrochloric acid pipeline and the hydrogen chloride gas pipeline, and finally analyze and adjust the small problems found in the production process, such as some parameters are not normal, analyze it after parking, and eliminate The reason on the device. All maintenance work should be carried out under the guidance of engineering and technical personnel. If routine replacement of equipment is required, it must be filed. Routine maintenance can be based on production conditions, with a one-month limit, that is, at least one month of equipment maintenance.

   In order to ensure the smooth operation of the hydrogen chloride gas synthesis equipment, safe production, it is very necessary to regularly repair the various parts of the equipment. Operators of production companies should also perform maintenance tasks in strict accordance with the operating specifications.

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