20 points for the safe operation of chemical workers should be informed! These can't be mistaken!


Chemical workers are the most direct participants in ch […]

Chemical workers are the most direct participants in chemical production. The safety situation of a chemical company depends to a large extent on the overall safety and technical quality of the chemical operators of the enterprise. how is it. For chemical production positions (teams), in order to achieve safe operation, the staff should at least grasp the following points.

1 The physical and chemical properties of the materials in this post and the team, as well as the possible consequences and emergency measures when subjected to shocks or abnormal reactions.

2 The highest allowable concentration of material toxicity and work site in this position and the work group, and safety technical measures to prevent it from exceeding the standard.

3 The technical specifications and requirements of the raw materials and fuels of this post and the team, and the possible consequences and treatment measures after mixing other impurities.

4 Dust explosion hazard that may be lurking at the job site and its prevention and treatment measures.

5 What are the flammable substances that cannot be removed in and around the job site, and what precautions should be taken to prevent combustion during production.

6 Various hazardous by-products that may be produced during the production process, as well as precautions to be taken to prevent their production.

7 In continuous production, the consequences of one or more raw materials that cannot be entered into the reaction unit in time and their preventive or remedial measures.

8 The stability of various materials (raw materials, products, semi-finished products) during storage, whether there will be spontaneous combustion, self-polymerization or self-decomposition, in order to prevent the above phenomena need to take preventive or remedial measures.

8 What are the dust-proof, anti-virus, explosion-proof or fire-fighting facilities currently set at the job site, and what are the daily maintenance and use points of these facilities.

9 Various hazards that may be hidden during misoperation, various consequences that may be caused when the process index is close to the established upper and lower limits, and preventive or remedy measures to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

10 What kind of combustible or explosive mixture may be produced when the production system is operating abnormally, how to prevent and take emergency measures.

11 What precautions should be taken for the operation close to the flash point.

12 What kind of reaction speed is in normal state or abnormal state, how to prevent abnormal phenomena such as abnormal temperature, abnormal pressure, abnormal reaction, mixed impurities, flow blockage, and leakage. After the above phenomenon is discovered, what kind of emergency measures are needed.

13 What are the consequences of failure of various rotating equipment such as fans, pumps, and agitators, and what are the prevention and emergency measures?

14 What are the consequences, how to prevent or emergency treatment when the equipment or pipeline in operation is blocked?

15 In the event of a fire outside the production system, what is the dangerous state inside the device and how to deal with it urgently.

There are 16 safety devices for various equipments in this position, and what are the maintenance points.

What kind of materials will be leaked when the glass mirrors, glass level gauges, various flange joints and other devices on the 17 positions are damaged or not connected tightly, and what are the emergency treatment measures?

18 What are the consequences of various liquid level gauges, indicating instruments, recording devices, etc. in production, when the display or recording is inaccurate, and what are the prevention, improvement or emergency treatment measures?

19 When some instruments in the production system fail, how to ensure that the production system continues to operate safely and smoothly.

20 What are the main points of the various accident plans for this team and this post, and under what circumstances are the various accident plans implemented and their specific implementation procedures.

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