How to deal with liquid sulfur dioxide leakage?


We all know that sulfur dioxide is a chemical substance […]

We all know that sulfur dioxide is a chemical substance and is harmful. Therefore, when dealing with sulfur dioxide, it needs to be protected in all directions. What if sulfur dioxide leaks? Let Xiaobian come to answer your questions.
When the liquid sulfur dioxide leaks, it is necessary to quickly evacuate the personnel in the contaminated area to the upwind, and then immediately isolate it. When the small leak is required, it needs to be isolated for 150m, and the large leak needs to be isolated for 450m, and the access is strictly restricted.
In addition, it is recommended that emergency personnel should wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and put on protective clothing. Enter the site from the upwind and cut off the source of the leak as much as possible. Cover the sewers near the leak with industrial coatings or absorbent/absorbents to prevent gas from entering.
Proper ventilation and accelerated diffusion. The sprayed water is diluted and dissolved. Construct a large amount of wastewater generated by dikes or digging pits, and if necessary, use a catcher to pass the gas through the sodium hypochlorite solution. Air leaks are easy to handle, and they can be used after repair and inspection.
The above is a description of the liquid sulfur dioxide leakage treatment method, I hope to help you.

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