Is argon a toxic gas?


  Argon is an inert gas and has no direct harm to […]


Argon is an inert gas and has no direct harm to the human body. However, if the industrial use, the generated exhaust gas is very harmful to the human body, which may cause silicosis and eye damage.

Although it is an inert gas and a suffocating gas, a large amount of inhalation can cause suffocation. The production site should be ventilated, and technicians involved in argon gas should conduct regular occupational medical examinations every year to ensure good health.

Argon itself is non-toxic, but has a suffocating effect at high concentrations. There is a risk of suffocation when the concentration of argon in the air is above 33%. When the concentration of argon exceeds 50%, severe symptoms occur, and when the concentration reaches 75% or more, it can die within a few minutes. Liquid argon can damage the skin, and eye contact can cause inflammation.

Therefore, although argon is non-toxic, it still has certain dangers. You still need to pay special attention when using argon!

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