Method for using hydrogen chloride gas guiding tube


  Everyone knows that hydrogen chloride gas can be […]


Everyone knows that hydrogen chloride gas can be dissolved in water. Then there is a simple method to treat hydrogen chloride tail gas, which is to absorb water. Then, when water is absorbed, can the gas pipe directly penetrate into the water? What is the hydrogen chloride gas pipe? What do you use? Let’s look at it together:

First of all, according to its nature analysis, when the gas is introduced into the water, due to the dissolution of hydrogen chloride gas and water, resulting in a reduction in the gas pressure in the airway, the remaining water will be pressed into the airway, causing back suction Phenomenon, if there is a heating device, it is easy to cause danger, so to improve, if a funnel is added at the end of the airway, this problem can be solved, then what is the principle?
When water is pressed into the airway, the water will return to the original container due to gravity, so that the phenomenon of back suction can be avoided.

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