Precautions before using hydrogen chloride gas equipment


  Hydrogen chloride is a dangerous chemical, so yo […]


Hydrogen chloride is a dangerous chemical, so you need to pay attention to its use, not only to understand its physical and chemical properties, but also to understand the conditions of the equipment from which it is made.

Relevant personnel are reminded by hydrogen chloride manufacturers: they should use hydrogen chloride gas reasonably, master protective measures and various matters needing attention, while ensuring the safety of workers, so that the hydrogen chloride gas can be fully utilized.

All equipment, pipelines, valves, etc. that use hydrogen chloride gas should be baked and evacuated before use to keep them dry and sealed. When the device is temporarily unused. The hydrogen chloride should be released and filled with dry inert gas.

When the hydrogen chloride gas leaks, use a polyethylene cover, nylon hose, etc. to cover the leakage part. The gas is introduced into the water for absorption, and then neutralized with slaked lime. When leaking liquid, absorb it with plenty of water. When a large amount of gas is ejected, it is absorbed by spray water from a distance. After the wastewater is absorbed by water, it is neutralized with caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, slaked lime and other alkaline substances.

The above are the precautions before using the gas equipment introduced by the hydrogen chloride manufacturer for you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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