The main uses of sulfur dioxide


  Sulfur dioxide is a common sulfur oxide with a s […]


Sulfur dioxide is a common sulfur oxide with a strong irritating odor. It is widely used in chemical, living, and industrial fields. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, the main uses of sulfur dioxide are introduced below.


Due to the antibacterial properties of sulfur dioxide, it is sometimes used as a preservative for dried apricots and other dried fruits to maintain the appearance of the fruit and prevent rot.


Sulfur dioxide is a very useful compound when making wine. It can not only act as an antibiotic and antioxidant to protect the wine from bacterial damage and oxidation, but also help maintain the volatile acidity to the desired level.

3.Reducing bleach

Sulfur dioxide is also a good reducing agent. In the presence of water, it can discolor substances and is a useful bleaching agent for paper and clothing, but this bleaching effect usually does not last long.

4.Sulfuric acid precursor

Sulfur dioxide is also used to produce sulfuric acid, which is first converted to sulfur trioxide, then to oleum, and then to sulfuric acid.


Since sulfur dioxide is easy to liquefy and has a large heat of vaporization, it is suitable as a refrigerant.

6.Reagents and solvents

Liquid sulfur dioxide is a versatile inert solvent that is widely used to dissolve strong oxidizing salts.


In urban sewage treatment, sulfur dioxide is used to treat chlorinated sewage before discharge.

Although the application of sulfur dioxide is so widespread, when we use it, we must always pay attention to the leakage of gas to avoid loss to our lives and production. We can choose to install sulfur dioxide gas alarms to prevent gas leakage.

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