Why do cylinders need to wear hard hats?


  A safety helmet is an important accessory for ga […]


A safety helmet is an important accessory for gas cylinders. He wears it on the cylinder valve of each cylinder to ensure that the cylinder valve is not mechanically damaged and to ensure safety.

Why do we need to wear a helmet?

Because most of the cylinder valves are made of copper alloy, they are relatively fragile. Although some are made of steel, because the structure of the bottle valve is smaller than the bottle body, it is screwed on the bottle body to form a right angle between the bottleneck and the valve valve joint. Most vulnerable to mechanical damage or external shocks. If the cylinder is dropped, dropped, rolled or hit by other hard objects due to careless damage during transfer, storage, or use, it is likely that the joint between the valve valve and the bottleneck will crack. The bottleneck or the crack of the bottle valve results in the loss of high-pressure gas in the bottle and the high-pressure gas is ejected. The reaction force causes the gas bottle to rush in the opposite direction, which can cause damage to machinery, equipment and buildings, and even cause casualties. The high-speed gas ejected from the bottle will be determined by the nature of the gas in the cylinder, which will cause more serious secondary accidents (such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc.). If the bottle is filled with flammable gas, the static electricity generated due to the intense friction of high-speed injection or other fire sources can cause combustion explosion.

On the other hand: The bottle valve is exposed to the outside, and it is easy to invade dust or grease during transfer and storage, and then bring risks.

In order to eliminate the above risks and avoid accidents, people put caps on gas cylinders because it is an important safety accessory. The gas cylinder is equipped with a safety helmet, which not only protects the valve from collision, but also prevents grease, dust and other intrusions. Therefore, the bottle making unit is required to be equipped with a safety helmet when the steel bottle leaves the factory. When using the gas, unscrew the helmet to a fixed place, put on the bottle cap and screw it tightly after use, do not throw it away.

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